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Steez S66L [SKYFLASH 66] - JDM Fishing

Steez S66L [SKYFLASH 66] - JDM Fishing

Return to origin to 66L that captures the modern core Skyflash 66 is a light rig versatile spin that covers all light rigs in spinning. Although it is a unique versatile model in STEEZ where the ultimate dedicated model is lined up, the potential beyond the common sense of general purpose is even amazing. With a length of 6'6 ”, it handles everything from short-range accuracy casts to long-distance castings. The delicate tip with tension at the tip allows the rig to jump while hesitating the stack, and breathes life into the lure. All rigs and jig heads where the bat uses an offset hook can be hooked without feeling weakness, and the hooking response in situations where hooking is required at the moment of bite such as site fishing is a big deal. By installing the X45 full shield that suppresses, you can drive the light rig into the shallow cover with the same accuracy as the bait. By adopting SVF Nano Plus instead of Pakipaki's Compile X, you can have a depth of pocket that supports hard baits that are often used in spinning Fascinate. Return to origin to 66L that captures the modern core "It was unlikely, a versatile spin. I was curious about what kind of rod could be finished with the highest peak STEEZ." In STEEZ, where the ultimate exclusive model is lined up, "SKYFLASH66" has a unique presence with the landing point on the versatile from the beginning. It was Toshinari Namiki who set up the amazing concept. Mr.STEEZ, that person. "6ft.6in., Returning to the origin of L power. Originally (99/06) SKYFLASH was the ultimate light rig versatile." Speaking of the model that bears the name in recent years, 16 same SMT which is the ultimate in operability of the light rig, 18 same power tune which became tough as its name is known. In the predecessor Butler era of 1999, in the first STEEZ of 2006, the concept of SKYFLASH, which was once the central axis of spinning, was eager for Namiki to revive with modern DAIWA rod technology. The taper design adopted is not a taper that bends from the tip, but a design that emphasizes operability by arranging the bend at the beginning of bending closer to the tip. The taut tip conveys delicate action while hesitating the stack at the bottom, bringing a sense of life to the lightweight rig. In the bat, 3DX supports the core and X45 full shield tightens the whole body. A blank that does not shake the axis enhances cast accuracy, and a bat with hidden power has a light rig or jig head that uses an offset hook for a better hooking response. The stroke of 6ft.6in. Works fully, making it a reliable and strong ally in scenes such as site fishing that require instant hooking. "It goes well with small minnows, shads, and light caros as well as lightweight rigs in general. Furthermore, it is also suitable for mid-rise swimming, which has been attracting attention in recent years." Midst and Hobust, who rhythmically dance jig heads and no sinkers, are also in the defensive range. The taper design mentioned above vibrates only the rod tip, and SVF Nano Plus clearly transmits the vibration received by the bend concentrated on one point to the hand. It derives excellent sensitivity. "Now that lures are getting smaller and threads are getting thinner, the need for delicate rods is increasing. However, the basis of fishing we are doing is the same as it was 30 years ago." Speaking of Namiki, attention is focused on a spectacular career in the United States, but in the early 90's before coming to the United States, there was a foundation that swept the title in the domestic scene. Midst is "one of the strengths from that time". The technique that has been boiled down for many years will reach the time of re-evaluation with SKYFLASH 66. Bending curve DAIWA TECHNOLOGY ■ SVF Nano Plus In the carbon sheet that most affects the rod performance, the ultra-high density SVF carbon that has achieved weight reduction, power-up, and slimming by reducing the amount of resin (resin) and densely injecting carbon fiber has further improved performance with Nano Plus. * Nano Plus: Toray Industries, Inc. Nano Alloy® has achieved high performance by using a special technology that mixes multiple types of resins (resins) that play the role of an adhesive that holds carbon fibers together on the order of nanometers. Technology-adaptive materials are optimized for each model using Daiwa's unique design and manufacturing methods, enabling even higher strength and lighter weight of blanks. ■ X45 Full Shield (= X45 Cobra Shield) The X45 Full Shield completely eliminates twists that occur during dynamic movements such as casting, action, hooking, and fighting. Twisting rigidity is dramatically improved by tightening from the outermost layer, which is the most effective carbon bias cloth at 45 ° from the tip of the blank, which is most prone to twisting. Bring out the original performance of the cast accuracy and rod more than ever. ■ 3DX 3DX = 3-axis cloth is carbon of 3-axis woven fabric that works by evenly receiving forces from 3 directions. Crosses with a structure in which regular hexagons are lined up have the same force against forces from all directions, so they have excellent shape restoration force. An ideal support material that covers the rod body like stockings, suppresses distortion of the blanks during casting, and demonstrates the original performance of the blanks. Due to the synergistic effect with the thin and thick blank, it has the potential to float the ranker size with wrinkles and catch it reliably.

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